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    Table 2 with good shielding properties, it is equally essential to have good safety equipment such as doseThe composition and environmental hazard of copper 1/12/2020· Furthermore, copper slagPortland cement mortars with the substitution of 25% (by weight) of cement by copper slag and alkaliactivated slag mortars cured Copper Slag for

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    grinding properties of copper slag Of copper and coal slag abrasives by john peart, and benjamin fultz, bechtel corporation abrasives processed from slags have replaced silica sands in many steel fabrication shops because of their low free silica content copper smelters and coalfired electric generating plants are major material sources for these slag products

  • Analysis Tests on Copper Slag Grinding and Properties

    The influence factors of the copper recovery in flotation are discussed,It is pointed out that slag cooling method and cooling rate are the main factors that affected the flotation recovery from copper slag,two kinds of the copper slag grinding and properties of comprehensive collection from Baiyin nonferrous metals company were compared,And analyzed the reasons for lack of access to iron ore

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    grinding properties of copper slag essecke grinding properties of copper slag Copper slag that is derived by smelting of copper concentrates in a reverberatory Table 111 lists some typical physical properties for nonferrous slags silicate slags in these slags appears to limit hydraulicity and makes grinding difficult

  • Geotechnical Properties of a Copper Slag

    056 percent copper, and 014 percent lead The copfÞrslag, which has a black, shiny appearancen is partially crushed to stnaller particle sizes and Ls stockpiled after the refining process This study was conducted to deternine if the slag could be used econonically in congtruction so that the aesthetic

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    The granulated copper slag is made up of regularly shaped, angular particles, mostly between 475 and 0075 mm (No 200 sieve) in size The aircooled and granulated copper slag has a number of favorable mechanical properties for aggregate use, including excellent soundness characteristics, good abrasion resistance, and good stability

  • Durability properties of copper slag and fly ash based

    Copper slag recommended less than 40% gives high mechanical properties Beyond which more voids and capillary channels appear in the microstructure of the concrete , The optimum proportion of copper slag is found up to 100% CS for all the strength and durability parameters in HSC

  • Author: Sasi Rekha, Jagadheeswari, Arunprasath, Sumathy
  • (PDF) New residuefree processing of copper slag

    Novel residuefree recycling process for copper smelter slag was developed which consists of sorting, roasting, leaching with HCl, carbonate precipitation, precipitate complexation and solvent

  • Optimization of the flotation of copper smelter slags from

    dissolved copper which reenforced the school of thought that the copper minerals were oxide minerals, however doubt still remained because literature has shown that copper sulfide also dissolves slightly before passivation sets in To further investigate the nature of the refractory copper minerals in the slag, mineralogical

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    Grinding properties of copper slag – Grinding Mill China Copper Slag Mortar Properties Copper slag is a copper industry waste that is essentially used as an abrasive , physical and chemical properties of copper slag ,


    Topics: copper slag, joint grinding, cement grinding, mixed binder, polycarbolylate super plasticizer, slag utilization, Architecture, NA19428, Construction industry, HD971597175 Publisher: Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU)

  • Copper slag waste as a supplementary cementing

    Copper slag Copper slag grains have a fineness modulus of 34 In order to use copper slag as a mineral admixture it was necessary to carry out an experimental study associating grinding time, average diameter and pozzolanic activity assessed in mortars []Based on this study, it was verified that 60 min was the optimal grinding time in horizontal ball mills to achieve an average diameter of

  • Reuse of copper slag in highstrength building

    The asreceived copper slag, with an average median particle diameter (d 50) of 15 µm was used without further grinding meanwhile the as received QFS of d 50 171 µm was ground in a tumbling ball mill (Germatec, Germany) to achieve a d 50 of 9 µm It is important to note that the powder state of copper slag was advantageous in terms of saving

  • The effect of smelting and granulation on some

    Keywords: slag; granulation; properties Abstract The technogenic copper deposit of slag Depo 1 is located in the industrial district of the Smelter and Refineries of RTB Bor Exploitation reserves are 9 190 940 t of slag with the average copper content of 0715%

  • (PDF) Potentials of steel slag and copper mine tailings

    The engineering properties of steel slag and copper mine tailings were reviewed and their various areas of application are highlighted and 0227 µm after grinding for 5, 10, and 20 min

  • Comprehensive Application of Vertical Grinding Mill

    3) Copper slag ingredients can significantly improve the physical and mechanical properties of cement clinker and improve the quality Guilin Hong Cheng vertical grinding mill for processing copper slag to produce the cement clinker, successfully applied in many places with 12000t/d production line


    conventional crushing and grinding (Shen and Forssberg, 2003; Schlesinger at al, 2011) The reverberatory furnace slag that has been discarded in the vicinity of the Bor Copper Smelter, Serbia, is currently processed by flotation at the nearby Bor Copper Concentrator The copper recovery was rather low (about 40%) mainly due to the


    Smelter slag is obtained in the process of metallurgical converting of copper concentrate in the Smelter Plant in Bor, Serbia Today, the reserves of this material are evaluated at about more of a year, with the average copper content of 0609% Production of copper concentrate by flotation of smelter slag has started in 2001

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    Copper metal is mainly produced from sulfide minerals, such as chalcopyrite (CuFeS 2), bornite (Cu 5 FeS 4), and chalcocite (Cu 2 S), through pyrometallurgical methods, including smelting, converting, and refining1 Iron in sulfide minerals is removed by forming molten slag of fayalite during smelting and converting This molten slag is called copper slag in the industry

  • A Study on the Strength and Grindability of Granulated

    Fig 8 Variation of reduction ratio with the grinding time for copper smelting slags and quartz Fig 9 Cumulative fraction retained on the stated screen size as a function of the grinding time for three sizes of slag samples Fig 8 indicates the reduction ratio, r, defined by (do/d50) 107

  • Copper Slag: 7 Mohs Hardness Open Space Blasting

    Copper slag is a byproduct obtained during smelting and refining of copper ore rich in sulphides and oxides of iron and copper, in the course of removing iron as iron silicate During the smelting process at 1250°C, copper liquid settles down due to higher density while copper slag remain on the surface in the segregated state

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    Slag has similar properties to sand and is a very effective substitute during monsoon (rainy) season Further, Copper Slag is also used in the production of cement, mortar, and concrete as a raw material for clinker, cement replacement, coarse and fine aggregates

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    OMGRIT Copper Slag is produced from metallurgical slags and provides fast blastcleaning rates The hardness and high density of copper slag gives it a high resistance to fracture with very low dust formation during blasting, as well as faster blast cleaning speed when compared to other slag abrasives

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    Copper slag is a byproduct of copper production from copper ore For every ton of copper produced about 22 ton of slag is generated At present, across the world around 33 tonnes of slag is generated while in India three copper producers Sterlite, Birla Copper and Hindustan Copper produce around 665 tonnes of slag at different sites

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    Slag Starter sheet Stainless steel Anode 99% Cu Blister copper ca 96% Cu Copper matte ca 75% Cu Due to its excellent properties, oxygen free copper for electronics (OFE) is used as a basic material for semi conduc high purity copper while grinding and polishing abrasives can be pressed into the surface Copper alloys are harder, but

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    The recovery of copper from copper smelter slag utilizing flotation has been studied A copper smelter slag from the Wang Jiaqiao smelter in Yunnan Province of china, containing 276% Cu, 4441% Fe, 234% Zn and 184g/t Ag and so on, has been used The effective factors such as grinding fineness, pH, and the dosage and type of collector were examined


    conventional crushing and grinding (Shen and Forssberg, 2003; Schlesinger at al, 2011) The reverberatory furnace slag that has been discarded in the vicinity of the Bor Copper Smelter, Serbia, is currently processed by flotation at the nearby Bor Copper Concentrator The copper recovery was rather low (about 40%) mainly due to the

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    The scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and energydispersive spectrometry (EDS) patterns show that the metal iron particles were uniform in particle size, regular in shape and simple in intercalation relationship, with no inclusion of other slag phases, making it easy to achieve monomer dissociation by grinding

  • Recovery of Iron from Copper Slag Using CoalBased

    The Fe3O4 and Fe2SiO4 in copper slag were successfully reduced to metallic iron by coalbased direct reduction Under the best reduction conditions of 1300 °C reduction temperature, 30 min reduction time, 35 wt% coal dosage, and 20 wt% CaO dosage (075 binary basicity), the Fe grade of obtained iron concentration achieved 9155%, and the Fe recovery was 9813%

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